Danijela Debelić

Dr. Danijela Debelić, MD

Co-founder of Human Frequency Center and Brain Research Unit

Dr. Danijela Debelić has been working in the medical field since and continues to inspire and impress both her colleagues and patients with her charm, enthusiasm, and compassion as well as her vast knowledge of western medicine.

She was born in Europe, in the city of Rijeka in Croatia and spent the first years of her life on the Adriatic sea island Pag in Croatia. There she has learned to admire and respect nature, and ever since she was little, she was driven by her curiosity to observe the nature on the island with great admiration.

The desire to help others led her to study medicine and to specialise in general and cardiac anesthesia and postoperative cardiac intensive care. She has worked in the hospitals in Croatia, Netherlands and Austria so far, and has broad international cooperations. In her career she has mastered the art of healing and balancing the body invasively, becoming an international heart ultrasound coach within the usabcd.org group together with a group of enthusiastic individuals and colleagues she has organized courses in Croatia and Austria so far, which were attended by international and local doctors.

Along the way, she has realized that human beings and the body itself are more complex and demanding to handle in a way that leads to complete healing of an individual. She came to the conclusion that by implementing the latest medical knowledge and ancient techniques of balancing and enhancing one’s body and mind, she can facilitate the client’s true healing.

The invasive medical approach she has mastered, especially at cardiac perioperative and intraoperative care, is crucially important in acute situations of treatment. Observing their outcomes, she has come to the realization that more can be done to truly heal.

The healing comes from within.

That was the crucial realization that led Dr. Debelić, being an excellent observer of even the slightest changes in her patients’ well-being, to implement these methods of training into her work as well as her personal life.

Also due to that epiphany, she has become a student and later a colleague of the USA and European Brainmapping and Neurofeeedback teams, learning mind training techniques, and understanding that an effective way to ease or eliminate various afflictions of the body is gradually training the brain to get accustomed to more relaxed and efficient thought patterns that drastically reduce stress and thus improve the entire body’s function.

“By combining modern medical science, ancient ways of sharpening the mind, and nature that has been given to us since the very beginning of our time on Earth, you and I can improve the collective health of the human race!

The most rewarding feeling is to see you healthy.

For more information go to https://drjoedispenza.com/pages/brain-mapping 

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