Irene Viglia Atton

Irene Viglia Atton

School of images UK director and HeartMath trainer

Irene Viglia Atton‘s background is in International Business and she worked in the corporate world as Business Developer

She specializes in Leadership From the Heart – using the Science of the Heart and the Power of Imagination to improve well being and reduce stress for a greater success where everyone benefits.she has been working with individuals and groups, helping them set confident goals with a solid ground to achieve them.

She’s the Director at The School of Images UK, where she facilitate classes for personal growth, and Dreaming.

She has been collaborating with HeartMath and Global Coherence Initiative since 2014, which has made a fundamentally positive impact on her clients.

This presentation will take you to a ‘Quest’ into the Body! What is Heart Leadership? And what are the key elements of this way of conducting life? Science of the Heart and the Power of Imagination are combined in this talk to bring the audience into an ‘experiential quest’ How can awareness of emotions and a balanced mind, bring you to lead from the Heart? We will use the work of Imagery for practical experience.

And ultimately, Is there an element of Sacredness to our Heart?

Ancient Scriptures talk about it.

We will ‘look inside’ the Body to connect to the Sacred Heart and see how it might contribute to leading from this space.

Conference Accredited by the International Coaching Federation. By attending the conference in full, you will get 16 ICF credits (5 Core Competencies + 11 Resource Development)