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How the NeuroHeart Education® Summit has evolved

2017 - Mainz, Germany - 9th and 10th March 2017

2017 was the beginning! The Neurolanguage Learning Conference was of one of the most important and life-changing conferences about learning development and communication of the year!

The world’s first ever Neurolanguage Learning Conference took place in Mainz, Germany on March 9th and 10th 2017.

It was an amazing meeting of the minds with neuroscience, coaching, heart science and emotional intelligence taking the stage. 

The burning questions over the two days were:

  • How can we enhance the learning process?
  • How can we shift all types of education, whether private, corporate or in schools, into a more holistic learner-centric process that delivers efficient and effective results faster?
  • How can we instigate the changes that we need in educational processes to shift learning into the 21st century?

It was the first time that the International Coach Federation gave an accreditation to a conference of this type.

The speakers and subjects in 2017 were:

Tobias Kiefer – Measuring Impact

Richard Bentley – The essence of great coaching

Rachel Paling – What we are learning

Rachel Bamber – The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Richard Bentley – An integrative approach to learning

Philip D. Griggs – Motivation- Keeping the motivation through the learning process

Monica Rodriguez – Emotional Intelligence- Transforming Education

Jessica Boston – Language Learning Hypnotherapy

Irene Viglia Atton – The Heartmath Approach

Tobias Kiefer – The Neuroscience of Learning

Richard Bentley – Learning Reflections

Rachel Paling – How recent neuroscientific research is powering up the process of learning

2018 - Edinburgh, Scotland - 3rd and 4th May 2018

In 2018 we decided to fly in our inspiring and highly regarded speakers from all over the world to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where the Conference took place at the Dynamic Earth on the 3rd and 4th of May.

The entire conference was dedicated to this statement: “How we enhance the learning process and make it more effective, faster and adapted to the 21st century!”

The speakers talked about their research, knowledge and experience in areas like neuroscience of learning, coaching, emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, practical intelligence, heart science, polyglotism and neurofeedback.

The speakers and subjects in 2018 were:

A Tale of two: two perspectives of neuroplasticity and coaching in action – Practical Intelligence – Coach Lee Campbell and Andrew Short

Neurolanguage Coaching: the next steps with language, coaching and neuroscience – Rachel Paling

Beyond cognitive coaching focused on using intuition – Richard Bentley

Education and Business: how do they connect? – Russell Dalgleish

A Father’s Journey: 37 years of neuroscience in practice – David Short
The importance of sleep – Helen Cherry

Brain mapping: neuroscience for learning – Thomas Feiner

How to revolutionise language learning at school: 7 Golden Rules – Luca Lampariello

Conversational Intelligence – Tools for Life – Jo Adams

Reporting results on Neurolanguage Coaching – what can we prove? – Dimitris Zeppos

Turbo charge your learning – applying ideas from neuroscience to real life learning – Stella Collings

Integrating heart science into learning – Irene Viglia Atton

Neurolearning – coaching through movement – Lee Campbell

Shifting into 21st century learning: the holistic – heart, brain and intuition – approach – Rachel Paling

2019 - Lisbon, Portugal - 15th until the 17th May 2019

The 3rd Neurolanguage Learning Conference took place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal from the 15th until the 17th May 2019.

All our amazing conference attendees who came to Lisbon really were inspired, got new insights into brain-friendly learning and found out how to make the learning process more effective and efficient. Oh, and of course they networked with like minded people from all over the world!!

Over the two main conference days we explored how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, emotional intelligence, practical intelligence, neurofeedback, neurolanguage coaching, polyglotism, enhancing educational systems and so much more.

The speakers and subjects in 2019 were:

Probing the interfaces between English Language Teaching and International Leadership Coaching – Bob Dignen

Neurolanguage Coaching- Combating modern technology with the brain – Rachel Paling

How to help learning “Stick” by optimising our Brain’s Reward System – Tibisay Vera
Can you supercharge your brain with technology? – Thomas Feiner
How Coaching changes lives – Jose de Sousa
Charisma & Leadership – Sharyn Collins

Reaching Your Goals as a Learning Human – Thomas Feiner

Accents – how do we handle them? – Sharyn Collins
Helping language learners to change their behaviour and not be too authentic – Ian McMaster

Brain Rules! – George Kokolas

Coherence, Intuition and Imagination in Business and Education – Irene Viglia Atton

Move to learn – Rachel Bamber

2020 - Online and Live

The 4th Worldwide NeuroHeart Education® Conference (formerly the Neurolanguage Learning Conference) was due to be held in London but as many of you will now be aware, the worldwide situation with COVID-19 forced us to cancel the event in London.

However, unprecedented moments in time call for unprecedented solutions and we were pleased to announce that we would be delivering the conference online so that educators, teachers, coaches and industry leaders could be part of the conference.

We were so grateful to all of our phenomenal speakers for their passion and vision about learning and changing the learning process. Without them, the conference wouldn’t have been as inspiring and enlightening as it was.

In this time of crisis, they came together in such an amazing way, to be with you online, delivering their sessions as planned from locations all over the world.

They brought their knowledge, experience and expertise covering topics such as coaching in learning, language learning, leadership and language, emotional intelligence, team learning, neuroscience and practical intelligence. The speakers and subjects in 2020 were:

The Sportskid Whisperer – Andrej Miklavc

Does ADHD affect the Language Learning Process & How Neurolanguage Coaching Can Help – Rachel Paling

Oxytocin The God Hormone – Sharyn Collins

Re-Branding Yourself for the Online Market – Rob Howard

Harnessing The Power Of Paradox In Language Learning – Ian McMaster

7 Skills For Our Times – Emma Sue Prince

Brain friendly learning? What does it mean? – Rachel Paling

Teaching The Generation C Brain – Jenny Dooley

The Neuroscience of Learning – Dr David Rock

Neurofitness, Lily’s Journey – Lee Campbell

The Power Of Mind Maps In Language Coaching – Ron Morrain

Why Personal Change Is So Difficult – Richard Bentley

Language Learning Across The Lifespan: Myths, Science, And Science Fiction – Antonella Sorace

Hypnotherapy And Colour Therapy In The Learning Process – Phil Griggs

Heart Leadership – Irene Viglia Atton

Blood, Gut, Heart And The Brain – Thomas Feiner

Open Your Heart – Dr Danijela Debelic

Understanding the Impact of Trauma from Educator’s Perspective – Bessel van der Kolk, MD

2021 - Online and Live

The 5th Worldwide NeuroHeart Education® Conference was due to be held in Sitges but with the worldwide situation around travel hindering most people getting to Spain, we decided that the conference would be entirely online again.

Thank you to all our amazing speakers and delegates who helped us make 2021 an online, record breaking, network building virtual experience!!!

You helped raise vital funds for the NeuroHeart Education® Foundation – find out about the foundation here:

The conference explored how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, speech therapy, motivation mechanisms, brain & inclusion, story-telling, heart leadership, neuroscience & decision-making and Neurolanguage Coaching® and much much more!

The speakers and subjects in 2021 were:

Unveiling the NeuroHeart Education Foundation – Rachel Paling

Mattering IS the Agenda – Angela Maiers

The Science and Practice of Heart Coherence – Rollin McCraty

Why Psychological Safety Is So Crucial In Learning – Richard Bentley

Happier children with yoga and meditation – Ganga Devi

I Want To Break Free: Motivation and Growth Mindset In The Classroom – Rachael Roberts

Twenty 3-Letter Words To Motivate Autonomy – Rob Howard

Putting The Brain At Work In Inclusive Mode – Dana Poklepovic

Mastering Motivation Mechanisms – George Kokolas

Why The Brain Loves Stories – Curtis Kelly

The Power Of Words – Jodee Gibson

Let’s Talk Technology, Learning and Impact – Giancarlo Brotto

‘The Superhero Approach to Learning’ – Creative Ways to Empower Children to Learn with Confidence and Joy! – Jo Bivens

Specific Learning Difficulties and Language Learning – Jenny Dooley

Using Modern Neuroscience for Making Better Decisions – Thomas Feiner

Heart Brain Coherence in Learning – Danijela Debelic

Heart Leadership and the Power of Dreams – Irene Viglia Atton

Using Speech Therapy Techniques In Your Lessons – Tetyana Skrypkina

Engaging the Brain – Using Neuroscience to Improve Learning 2021 – Terry Small

Coaching in Education – Rachel Paling

2022 - In Sitges, Spain and Online

The 2022 NeuroHeart Education® Conference took place in Sitges, Spain and online worldwide from the 28th until the 30th April 2022.

This year was another amazing event where some of the world’s most respected speakers gave delegates valuable insights, stories, toolkits, experiences and knowledge.

To all our speakers: thank you so much for giving your time and sharing your knowledge. As always, you were all brilliant and covered such a diverse range of subjects. 

Despite the travel chaos caused by the pandemic, 30+ delegates were able to be in Sitges. Some of them are pictured here. Thank you to those of you who could make it to Sitges, it was emotional to see you all together after the past two years of pandemic restrictions.

Thank you to the 250+ online delegates who joined us during the live streamed sessions. The interaction via the chat box was amazing. 

The conference explored how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, speech therapy, motivation mechanisms, brain & inclusion, story-telling, heart leadership, neuroscience & decision-making and Neurolanguage Coaching® and much much more!

Does the Perfect Learning State Exist? – Rachel Paling

7 Insights from Neuroscience and Supervision that will Increase Your Confidence, Mindset and Success with your Clients – Rachel Bamber

Enhancing Creativity is the Future – Gorka Bartolomé Anguita

10 Important Benefits of Yoga for Children – Ganga Devi

Activating the Transformative Heart: Practices and Strategies for the Classroom – Jeffrey Goelitz

Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurship – Dr Joe Rios

The Zest Vaccine – George Kokolas

Flipped Learning: Flipping the EFL Classroom – Jenny Dooley

Upskill or Standstill – Rob Howard

Hacking the Educational System – Maria Davou

How to Coach for Inclusion in Business and Education – JDana Poklepovic

The Superstar System: Supporting Children to Develop Their Qualities and Shine Bright – Jo Bivens

Making Learning Fun Again – Dr Travis Fox

The Social Brain and the C Factor: The Overlooked Dynamic in Successful Classes – Curtis Kelly

Light in Education – Danijela Debelic
Developing the High-Performance Mind – Thomas Feiner
The Map Is Not The Territory – Jodee Gibson
Heart leadership and the Sacred Heart – Irene Viglia Atton
Dealing with Non-Existing Phonetic Sounds in Our Learner’s Brains – Tetyana Skrypkina

Engaging the Brain – Using Brain Science to Improve Learning – Terry Small

The Archetypes of Learning – Aaron Huey

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Conference Accredited by the International Coaching Federation.