Travis Fox

Dr Travis Fox

Dr. Travis Fox , holding doctorates in both Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Starting out on the PGA Tour, creator of the first
Psychological Golf Infomercial on the Golf Channel.

Continuing his career in Film and Television winning over 30+ Awards most notably an Emmy Award Winning Producer. Dr. Travis Fox continued his career inf ront of audiences around the golbe. All while expanding his entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Travis Fox has 14K+ hours on global stages. He has developed an adventure that is more than just engaging, exciting and memorable for all audiences, It’s TOO MUCH FUN, in fact it has been said that it’s mesmerizing.

In my talk, I will be focussing on how we can take our children on the journey from educated to “learned”. As an educator, the greatest question for all of us is how to make learning fun again.

Join me, to find out exactly HOW!

Conference Accredited by the International Coaching Federation. By attending the conference in full, you will get 16 ICF credits (5 Core Competencies + 11 Resource Development)