Enhancing the Learning Process, Shifting into the 21st Century

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Every year, this amazing and inspiring summit brings together educators from around the world

My passion lies in the following question:

“How can we as educators, no matter who we are, whether public sector, private sector or even a homeschooler, and no matter what topic we teach, enhance the learning process to improve it, make it more effective and more efficient, more adapted to the 21st century and ultimately much more ‘learner centric’ ?”.

So for me the focus is on the ‘learning process’.

You may be asking “is this a language summit?”, “is this about coaching?”, “is this about Neuroscience and learning?”. Well, in fact, it is all of that and much, much more!

The rationale and philosophy behind the summit is “Enhancing the learning Process, Shifting into the 21st century”. Fundamentally, this summit is about NeuroHeart Education and the connection between the brain, the heart and the way we deliver education worldwide. It’s an opportunity for us all to share knowledge. Knowledge of scientific developments; knowledge of emotional intelligence and knowledge of the latest approaches and disciplines.

The summit gives delegates the chance to network, share ideas, stories and experiences.

We are so grateful to all of our phenomenal speakers, from 2017 to 2023, for their passion and vision about learning and changing the learning process. Without them, the summit wouldn’t be as inspiring and enlightening as it is. They bring their knowledge, experience and expertise covering topics such as neuroscience, coaching, speech therapy, motivation mechanisms, brain & inclusion, story-telling, heart leadership, neuroscience & decision-making and Neurolanguage Coaching®.

Please help us make the 2024 Worldwide NeuroHeart Education® Summit memorable and by far the most important date in your diary every year. The date of this year’s summit will be announced in April.

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Rachel Paling