Jo Bivens

Jo Bivens

MEd, FRSA, FRSPH | Education expert, Drama specialist, Author, Therapist and Coach

For over 30 years Joanna has inspired children around the world to believe in themselves and be their best. She is an education expert, drama specialist, author, therapist and coach. She brings all these skills and resources together to offer creative solutions to help children’s lives be easier and brighter.

Joanna set up her first drama school at age 17 and then worked in a Special Needs Residential School introducing Drama as a therapy. She moved to Singapore to take the position of Chief Education Specialist for the largest Education Provider in SE Asia, Developed Programmes that were sold around the world, and then set up her own school to train teachers. After 13 years overseas, Joanna returned to England to set up a Centre for the County Council to help inspire children and a decade ago set up her company ‘The Children’s Coach.’

Joanna has a passion for learning and is always keen to add new tools and techniques to her Mary Poppins bag of resources! She holds a Masters in Education, is a certified Drama Teacher, Stress Consultant, Life Coach and a Master Practitioner in both Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Joanna is an International Drama Examiner for Trinity College London and part of Cambridge University’s Examining Team.

She was awarded Fellowships from both the ‘Royal Society of Public Health’ and the ‘Royal Society of Arts’ in recognition of her commitment to improve the creative expression and wellbeing of young people throughout her career.

Joanna received the ‘Young People’s Hero Award’ and most recently was named the ‘International Education Hero of the Year’.

Hello everyone, I’m so excited to be back with you all at the Neuroheart Education Conference this year!

I have been busy creating a new system to help children shine- The Superstar System! I am very excited to launch it with you all at the conference.

Together we will meet ‘Sid the Star’ and explore the 5 elements of the system including-

The power of the smile, laughter and ways to lift a child’s mood so they feel brighter and happier.

Methods to help children soothe themselves to feel calmer.

Ways to encourage children to share and support others and be kind.

Techniques to help children feel strong and confident.

How to nurture them to realise how special they are.

I will give you lots of super practical tools and techniques which you can directly use in your work with children.

I promise to add some sparkle to your afternoon – and inspire you to continue to support the children you work with to shine bright!

Conference Accredited by the International Coaching Federation. By attending the conference in full, you will get 16 ICF credits (5 Core Competencies + 11 Resource Development)